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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Since Everything Else Was Late This Week...

Hello MIRKins!

So this week, we had a special show at Red Square. It was our buddy JB's album release party. Congrats on the album bro!

For those who may be unaware, the MIRK headquarters are in the Armory in Albany NY. Our van is parked in the basement where all the ghosts of the Armory live. Kate got to the van a little early and pranking ensued...

Part 2: (more audio than video)

Yesterday, we went to Brooklyn to perform at Collision Course at SRB's.
Tons of talent on this show...

And the venue was super sick!

We all know Mike is a multi-tasker...He can love and hate his pedalboard at the same time, chug a beer and play a guitar solo at the same time and now he can play guitar and pocket text the whole band...evidence below...

Makes perfect sense to me!

We didn't get home til super late...#rockstarlife

Good thing none of us had to work in the morning...oh wait...

We have this weekend off from shows but the next 5 weekends we are booked with shows. Check em out below!

Sat Apr 7 2012

Albany, NY

Fri Apr 13 2012

Albany, NY

Sat Apr 14 2012

Clifton Park, NY

Fri Apr 20 2012

Albany, NY

Sat Apr 21 2012

Albany, NY

Fri Apr 27 2012

Saratoga Springs, NY

Sat May 5 2012

Albany, NY

That's all for this week! Until next time...
MIRK signing off...

Monday, March 19, 2012

Greetings from SXSW!!!

Hellooooo MIRKins!!

This week was sooooo busy! We went from Atlanta to Austin for South by Southwest!

We went down there with our new stickers which we plastered all over Austin...

Once we got there, we set up outside to busk ( v. To play music or perform entertainment in a public place, usually while soliciting money.)

Unfortunately, we were playing without a permit and got shut down after only a half hour. It was late on Tuesday, so we decided to call it a night and go out and enjoy ourselves. First stop was the "Shot Bar" for some fireballs...

For those who don't know, our guitarist Mike is mildly obsessed with the food network. He was our food guide for the trip and we ended up going to Maria's Taco Express from Diners, Drive-ins and Dives.

Whilst there, Mike and Josh decided to join the open mic and do some acoustic MIRK also known as MIRKoustic

Since we got shut down from using power, we had to get creative with our busking. Kate couldn't play her bass, so she went to a pawn shop and purchased a baritone...let's make some music 'Roots' style...

Mike had to roll with a battery powered amp...an ORANGE battery powered amp...

On Thursday and Friday we played at Pete's East Side Bar on 6th Street where we got nothing but love...

For the last night we had in Austin, we all went out to eat as a band...but ran into some southern UNhospitality
Chris Russell explains...

There were some high school students beasting on their marching drums in the street and Steve decided to join...

We left Saturday afternoon to bring Kate to Jackson, Mississippi so she could catch her plane. A little north of Waco, Texas, we ran into some super fans. Now, to preface this story, our bus has 'Tree Shurts' spray-painted on one side and '3-D Cycles' on the other (the owners of the Winnebaker).
Here's what happened...

Well we are all home safe! Glad to be back. Don't forget to check us out at Red Square in Albany NY this Friday, March 23rd at 10pm. Hope to see you then!

Until next time...
MIRK signing out

Monday, March 12, 2012

The South Has Been MIRKin Around...

Hello MIRKins!

So we began our Mini MIRK GRIND Tour this weekend. Here we are getting ready to kick it off...

Our first stop was Sidelines in Marietta, GA..here we are sound-checking

This place was awesome!! Great venue, great sound...We can't wait to get back there this summer!

We also had new stickers made up!

After our second show in Georgia, we decided to stop in New Orleans on our way to Austin, TX.
Even on a Sunday night, Bourbon Street is pumpin!

It is a very long drive and some of us just pass out in the Winnebaker...


Well, we are almost to Austin for South by Southwest!!! Check us out next week for all the craziness that are about to ensue!

Until next time...

MIRK signing out

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tuesday Is The New Black, Which Is The New Monday

Hello MIRKins!!

So I know it is Tuesday, but we wanted to include our first show on our mini MIRK tour in our MIRK Mondays Blog!

Last night we were at Greenhouse in NYC. This is a pretty cool venue...check us out during sound check!

And during the show...

Our next gigs are in Atlanta, GA

Fri Mar 9 2012

Sat Mar 10 2012

Atlanta, GA

Steve prepped for tour by upgrading his drums...

Russell prepped for tour by letting some steam out at an Albany Devil's Hockey game

Make sure to follow us on twitter @MIRKMUSIC for #grindtour updates....

Until next time..
MIRK signing out