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Monday, December 19, 2011

All I Want For Christmas Is Two MIRK Shows

Hello MIRKins!!

We had an awesome week! On Saturday, we opened up for none other than Wu Tang Clan!

Thank you so much to everyone that was there and for the love and support for the fans.
Oh...and thank you Method Man...

Wu Tang tore the place up (who actually thought they weren't going to) and gave us all a show we wouldn't forget.
Thank you also to Mr. Cheeks for rocking the stage with us!

Before the show, we had to pack up the van to make the very long trek up to Clifton Park. We needed some muscles to help us up...enter Mirk Thornton

This week will be back at the Public Assembly in Brooklyn NY for a First Look Sessions showcase.

The next day, we will be rocking Friday Night Live at Red Square in downtown Albany NY. Check out more information about the event HERE.

We hope to see you guys at these awesome events!
Have a wonderful holiday and be safe!

MIRK signing out

Monday, December 12, 2011

MIRK and Wu Tang ain't nothing to f*ck with!

Hello MIRKins!

So this Saturday, December 17th, we will be blessed to grace the stage with none other than Wu Tang!!!

Here is some info courtesy of the Times Union Blog:

The Wu-Tang Clan is at it again. The innovative early ’90s hip-hop act is on the road, and it has all of its living members intact. Boy Jones, son of Ol’ Dirty Bastard (who died in 2004), is also in tow.

In concert, RZA, GZA, Method Man and the rest of the gang are rapping plenty of their hits, including the classic “Bring Da Ruckus.” Mirk, Dem White Boys and DJ Playground will open the upcoming show at Northern Lights.

At a glance

When: 8 p.m. Saturday (12/17) Where: Northern Lights, 1208 Route 146, Clifton Park Tickets: $40 Info: 371-0012;

This show will DEFINITELY sell out (if it hasn't already)

So for the first time ever, MIRK has stickers!!! Someone has spotted a fresh MIRK sticker and sent it into us. Do you see anything 'MIRK' around Albany?! Send it to us for the blog at mirkinfo@gmailcom

We leave you with a final thought/review from our very own Mike Thornton

MIRK Signing out

Monday, December 5, 2011

We Grindin'

Hello MIRKins

So this week was crazy! We finally had our local album release party at the Armory!!
Thank you for all who came, it really was an amazing time!
And thank you to Aaron who gave us an amazing stage, sound and light show...

Along with our new album, we also have new tshirts. They are designed by Tree Shurts so of course they are dope! We only made 100 of them and there aren't many left so get on it...

If you missed the show, check out the review from the KnickLedger.com

We also have finally finished our press packets which are going out today to major labels, radio stations, magazines, etc...
Here is Chris Russell properly displaying them...

Just a reminder, the new album is not being released until March...so hopefully you were there to get your fan exclusive copy.

We are now preparing for our next show where we will be opening for Wu Tang at Northern Lights on December 17th. This show will DEFINITELY sell out, so get your tickets soon!

For those of who were at the show on Friday, you saw Josh rock out on the one chord he learned on guitar. This inspired Tara to ventured onto an instrument...

That's all we have for you this week. We will not be out this weekend, but don't worry...we will be back!

Until next time,

MIRK signing out

Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber MIRKday


We hope everyone had an amazing holiday. I know all of us stuffed our faces as much as possible.

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is always a huge party night, and this year was no exception. We played at Elda's on Lark to an awesome, enthusiastic crowd. Everyone came out including Tree Shurts who brought a very special Northern Lights friend...

Our drummer Steve is finishing up his senior project for St. Rose and needed some help from his fellow band mates on recording some MIRK tracks...

For those who have never gotten a good look at Andy while he plays, this will give you and idea of his swag...

So this is the big week!!! The moment we have all been waiting for...our local album release party!

For those who have been living under a rock for the past 2 months, I will catch you up...Our new album 'Grind' is set to be released nation wide in March, 2012. However, our local, diehard fans have been waiting so long to hear this that we had to reward them for being so loyal. We decided to have a local album release party. There are only 500 copies of the new album available which we had printed up for a special fan exclusive. This Friday, December 2nd, we will give out these 500 copies to everyone that purchases a ticket to the show. The show is at the Armory in Albany NY. Check out this facebook invite for more details.

We are so proud to have this album and so lucky to be able to share it with you. We really appreciate your support and hope to see you all there.

Also, this week we ran an ad in the Metroland. Here is picture evidence taken by our keyboardist, Andy. Notice he is driving whilst he took this photo...

That's all we have for you this week. You can purchased tickets for the show HERE or at the door.

Until next time,
MIRK signing out

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Mirk Monday is soooo last week

Hello MIRKins

Sorry for the day late blog. It's all Steve's fault...

Anyways, we have continued to be hard at work for our album release party on December 2nd at the Armory in Albany NY.
Click HERE for the facebook invite

We have printed up only 500 copies of our fan exclusive Grind album, so make sure you come or you will have to wait til March to get your copy.

This week is Thanksgiving so we wanted to give thanks to all the locals by having a show at Elda's on Wednesday night. This is a big night to go out, so come to Elda's to party with us.
Click HERE for the facebook invite and for more details.

Here is Josh...doing the best he can!

That's all we have for you this week. Please remember to purchase your Grind Album Release Party tickets so you can get your free copy of Grind

Until next time

MIRK signing out

Monday, November 14, 2011

Rock Star - Cock Star


So this week was filled with more preparation for our album release party which is December 2nd at the Armory in Albany NY. Check the facebook invite HERE for more details.

Kate and Mike got together to work out some pedal effects for all the new songs, it eventually became a penis contest with all the pedals and even though Mike has the bigger pedalboard, Kate wins that contest hands down.

Also at rehearsal, Mirk decided he was tired of just be a singer, and wanted to experience what it was like to be a true musician...

Music Quality Control by Mike Thornton


MIRK will be opening up for Wu Tang Clan at Northern Lights on December 17th. Wu Tang will be there with ALL ORIGINAL MEMBERS

You can get tickets at ticketmaster.com or Deja Vu if you don't want to deal with ticketmaster fees.

Our drummer Steve is finishing up his college education this year. He was hard at work in the St. Rose studio recording on his new kit..ooooo aaaahhhhh

Well that's all we have for you this week. Our next show will be on November 23rd (night before thanksgiving) at Elda's on Lark Street.

Don't forget to LIKE our facebook and check out our video on WORLDSTARHIPHOP

Until next time...

MIRK signing off

Monday, November 7, 2011

Turtles in a Half Shell

Hello MIRKins!

Although we didn't have any shows this past weekend, we have been hard at work preparing for our December 2nd album release show at the Armory in Albany NY. We actually have been practicing so hard, that Steve hit himself in the hand with his stick!

It swelled up so much that he had to have his hand amputated and then it got infected and he died...

But we want to stress just how awesome this show is going to be. The official release of the album will be in March. However, we have such an amazing and loyal fan base here in Albany, and you guys have been waiting for so long that we are printing a fan exclusive only copy of the album, which you will get when you purchase a ticket.

Tickets are available HERE!

This week our music video for Beautiful Music was put up on WorldStarHipHop. Check out the video HERE.

I don't really know how to lead this video in, so Ladies and Gentlemen, here's Mike Thornton!

Well that's all we have for you this week. Tune in next week to see which band members gets killed off.

MIRK signing out

Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloweeny

Hello MIRKins!!!

We had one crazy week! On Tuesday, we got a last minute call to perform at Northern Lights because Gym Class Heroes were unable to play and they needed another opener. We opened up for Dirty Heads who were amazing, as was the energy we got from the crowd.

On Thursday, it was Trick or Trees at the Armory in Albany. People were there, dressed to impress. Mr. Cheeks made an appearance, running the sound...

Making a grand entrance was Vinny Vaporizer; the inspiration for the Headband Tree Shurt

Josh 'Mirk' Mirsky was also there, rocking the stage with Vinny Vaporizer.

Our great graphic designer Robert (left) was there with one of his super hipster friends

Mike Thornton, our guitarist, seemed to have gained a little bit of weight over the busy week...

However, by Saturday, he seemed to have slimmed up for our performance at Elda's

Also at Elda's was MIRKenstein...

Our zombie-doctor saxophonist really loves to dance..if you didn't know...

The next day, we traveled to Brooklyn for a First Look Sessions Showcase at the Public Assembly. Not a bad view from the river huh?

Before we started to play, we went to this awesome Cuban Restaurant that was next to the venue. We all had some debo empanadas...so debo that Mike made a song about it

Well, that's all we have for you! Thank you for tuning in.

We should be dropping a new video soon, so keep your eyes out!

until then
MIRK signing out

Monday, October 24, 2011

Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone

Helllloooo MIRKins!

We had a very busy week! On Tuesday we were preparing for our show opening up for JCole. Here we are hard at work, meticulously discussing each section of each song.

We also like to loosen up and rotate instruments to get a real sense of the music...

After we wrapped up rehearsal, Tara and Andy went to Tuesday Night Live and blew the speakers (not actually true, but the PA was broken so they had to do a true unplugged set)

On Friday, we had our big show opening up for JCole. His DJ and keyboardists were the first to sound check. I don't know if you can see, but the lone man standing in front of the stage like a googly-eyed toddler would be our drummer Steve!

Before any show, we spend a lot of time mentally preparing ourselves to give you, the fans, the best show ever...

Here's MIRK with special guest Mr. Cheeks who helped us with Beautiful Music.

On Saturday, we had a music video shoot for our newest record, "Sunshine."
This track features a verse from our good friend King Dreams who absolutely destroyed it! Here are some behind the scenes shots.

This upcoming week, we are playing at Trick or Trees at the Armory and MIRKenstein (a Halloween show) at Elda's on Lark

We hope to see you at both shows
For now,
MIRK signing out

Monday, October 17, 2011

Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gansta

Hello MIRKins!!!

So not too much to report this week. We didn't have any shows, but we do this Friday!

On Friday, October 21st we will be opening up for J Cole, who currently has the number 1 album in the country! It will be at the Armory in Albany NY and tickets are $30. Please facebook us if you are interested in tickets!

Last week at Tuesday Night Live, Josh was the guest MC for the night. Steve, Andy and Kate decided to join him on stage for an acoustic version of Forbidden and Hey Ya.

As some of you may know (even though all of you should know), we have released our official music video for the song 'Beautiful Music' featuring Mr. Cheeks. Please check out the video HERE!
Also, each song on our new album has a corresponding image. Here is the image for 'Beautiful Music'

Also, we will be releasing our new MIRK flashcards. Check em out!

That's all we have for today. Remember to watch our video for Beautiful Music and come see us at J Cole on Friday. Until next time, remember that it feels good to be a gansta

MIRK signing out

Monday, October 10, 2011


Hello MIRKins!!!

So we had a relatively busy week, considering we didn't have a show. Last Monday, we released our first video off our new album GRIND. The video is for our single 'Beautiful Music' featuring Mr. Cheeks from Lost Boyz! Check out the video HERE!!!

On Tuesday, we has rehearsal. For those who don't know Chris very well, you might not realize he is kind of a violent person.

Also, about 2 weeks ago, Steve competed in the DRUM-OFF at Guitar Center on Wolf Road. Here he is at his finest!

On Saturday, we had a photo shoot to help promote our new album. Andy wasn't really feeling it...

But he cleans up pretty well!!

Didn't you know Jesus' crown was made of diamonds, not thorns!?!

Josh cleans up pretty good as well!

And Tara always looks good!!

Well that's all we got this week! Keep an eye our for some GRIND posters!

Until next week,

MIRK signing out!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Excuse Me, I Would Like To Make A Deposit...


Holy f*ck stick this was a busy week!

On Tuesday, Josh was asked to be a guest host on Tuesday Night Live. Kate and Steve helped him out with what they could. (Steve is playing drums...on an iphone!)

On Friday, we ventured to the foreign land of Troy to busk for Troy Night Out. Thank you to all that stopped to listen to us. Even though we got threatened by some rain drops, it seemed to hold of for an hour and a half set.

On Saturday, we rocked Stout for after Octoberfest on Broadway in Albany. Even though it had been bumpin and people had been drinking since 11am, people were still there to rock with us until 1am!

On Sunday, we started day 1 of our video shoot for our new song 'Stand Under' off our soon-to-be released album GRIND.

The concept will not be leaked yet, but let's just say MIRK has gone 'street'.

Andy O'Brien is "taking this one to the bank"...

Here is a quick preview...

Please look out for the release of our music video for Beautiful Music which should be dropping veeeeeery soon (wink wink). This was an amazing shoot. Thanks so much to Michael Dispenza (director) for all the hard work, Mr. Cheeks for rocking a verse with us and to all the fans that came out to the show.

We don't have any shows this week. We will be working hard to prepare for our album release party. Keep your eyes out for the word GRIND!!!
As for now, thanks for tuning in!

MIRK signing out