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Monday, September 26, 2011

Excuse My Sgroi-dian Slip

Hello MIRKins!!!

So this was a fun week! On Thursday we were at McGeary's for a benefit show for victims of the recent flooding. Before we played, The Erin Harkes Band rocked the floor. Andy, our keyboard player, offered Erin an extra hand...literally.

There was an amazing crowd at the event!!! People of all ages (above 21), all music tastes and all different sizes...

The crowd was so great that we rocked out extra hard for everyone.

The next day, Friday, we played at Red Square for Friday Night Live. Thank you everyone that came and stayed into the wee hours of the night to rock out with us. At both of these venues, we played more new material from our upcoming album GRIND.

That must mean the album release party is coming up?!?!? hmmmmm....

Also just announced, MIRK will be opening up for J Cole on October 21st at The Armory in Albany NY.

This Tuesday, our very own drummer boy Steve will be competing at Guitar Center's Drum-off on Wolf Road. Please come support! The whole band will be there too...

And this Saturday, we will be at Graney's Stout on Broadway. During the day will be Octoberfest, where they will shut down that section of Broadway for drinking and dancing festivities, so keep the night going with us!!!

That's all we have for today. As always, like and love us!

MIRK signing out

Monday, September 19, 2011

Baby, You're a Firework

Hello MIRKins!

We had an awesome week!

On Tuesday we had an awesome rehearsal, fine tuning our new album for our album release party.

After rehearsal, Kate and Steve ventured to Justin's for Tuesday Night Live. The good rehearsal must have given Steve increased confidence, because he decided to try his hand at being a front man. And he played that one chord that he knows like no other...

On Friday, we played outside on State Street for Over the Edge, an benefit to raise money for the Special Olympics where you can repel off the Crown Royal Hotel.
It was a perfect day, slightly chilly, but still beautiful...

After the show, Kate and Mike went inside to have a beer and possibly play some pool...
Even though they are very apologetic with this sign, it seemed to have ruined Mike's day

The following day, we played at Elda's for an After Lark fest party...we did run into a little problem in getting the whole block and a half from the Armory to Elda's...

However, once we got to Elda's we had an awesome crowd waiting for us!

One fan even decided to take it upon herself to dance with Josh's tie...hmmmmm

Josh always gives his all at every show!

After an amaaaazing show, there were some young gentlemen left dancing to some music while we packed up...I have never seen anyone get as excited for Katy Perry as these guys did....

This week we will be playing at McGeary's on Thursday for a benefit for families effected by the recent flooding.

The following evening, we will be at Red Square for Friday Night Live with some other amazing bands.

As always, please like our facebook and follow us on twitter (@mirkmusic ).


MIRK signing out

Monday, September 12, 2011

Local Heroes, and We Don't Mean Subs...

Hello MIRKins!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We were in the studio again this weekend working on new, NEW material. Even though our Grind album hasn't been released yet, we are still working on new songs for the following album. You gotta stay fresh! Here is Josh working out a keyboard line...this is his piano face

Steve then decided to interview Mike about the recording process...nothing construction was said...well done!

Also this week, Josh rocked the stage for the Local Legends concert with The City Never Sleeps and Weerd Science.

MIRK was not chosen to play this concert. Apparently we are not Local Legends, but we are Local Heroes on the new Guitar Center Albany website!

This Friday we are playing down at the Crown Royal Plaza for Over The Edge. For those who don't know, this is a benefit for the Special Olympics. You raise money for an amazing cause and can repel down the side of the Hotel. Go HERE for information and come down to the plaza for a good cause and good music.
Here is Josh doing it last year!

The following day (Saturday) we will be at Elda's on Lark St for an After Lark Fest party. If you have ever seen us at Elda's, you know it's a great time and if you have never seen us at Elda's then there is probably something wrong with you and you should come!

That's all we have today, so we hope to see you this weekend!

MIRK signing out

Monday, September 5, 2011

MIRK Bomb!

Hey MIRKins

So this week we didn't have any shows :(

But the band took the time to get some R&R on this labor day weekend. Mike was at Cape Cod for the rainy weekend...

Josh probably had the best labor day weekend at Rock the Bells festival in the NYC. Here is his report:

"I was at Rock the Bells festival on Governor's Island this Saturday helping our good friends Tree Shurts sell insane amounts of merch! The people there loved them just as much as we do!
I ran into my friend G.O. and Don Stone aka Daddy Rose (The Legend). I was escorted to the 'Wu Compound' behind their stage where I was intriduced to Masta Killa, Papa Wu,
the Gza,

The Rza,

and Talib Kweli!

I also had the opportunity to see one of my favorite albums of all time "Only Built for Cuban Links" performed by Raekwon, Ghostface, Capadona and Mast Killa all from on stage... surreal for real!

Meeting Kweli lead to me accompanying Don Stone along with G.O. to a late night Sunday Studio session where I got to see Talib and Done Stone lace a Rza beat. BONG!"

We have another weekend off from playing out (sorry fans) but we need your help on Twitter...

We would like all our fans to tweet @jimmyfallon and @latenightjimmy to get us (@mirkmusic) on Jommy's show. We are in the middle of a contest to see who can tweet the most.
MIRK TWITTER CONTEST: MIRK fans, we have a contest for you. We want you to tweet your asses off to Jimmy Fallon to get us on Late Night. Here are the rules:
1. The contest goes from Weds 8/31 @ 8pm to 9/7 @ 8pm
2. You must include @mirkmusic
3. You must include @jimmyfallon and @latenightjimmy
4. You must include #grind
Whomever has the most tweets at the end of the week will win and will get 2 box seats to our album release party! Let the tweeting begin!
Our campaign has already gained a lot of local buzz! The Knickerbocker Ledger wrote up a story about us. Check it out HERE!

Please keep tweeting and sending out the love!

MIRK signing out