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Monday, October 10, 2011


Hello MIRKins!!!

So we had a relatively busy week, considering we didn't have a show. Last Monday, we released our first video off our new album GRIND. The video is for our single 'Beautiful Music' featuring Mr. Cheeks from Lost Boyz! Check out the video HERE!!!

On Tuesday, we has rehearsal. For those who don't know Chris very well, you might not realize he is kind of a violent person.

Also, about 2 weeks ago, Steve competed in the DRUM-OFF at Guitar Center on Wolf Road. Here he is at his finest!

On Saturday, we had a photo shoot to help promote our new album. Andy wasn't really feeling it...

But he cleans up pretty well!!

Didn't you know Jesus' crown was made of diamonds, not thorns!?!

Josh cleans up pretty good as well!

And Tara always looks good!!

Well that's all we got this week! Keep an eye our for some GRIND posters!

Until next week,

MIRK signing out!

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