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Monday, January 23, 2012

Deep Thoughts by Chris Russell

Hello MIRKins

This week we will be in the NYC at Tammany Hall on the Lower East Side in Manhattan.
If you are in the city, please come and check us out around 10:45...

Check out more details at the website HERE

This last week, Rick Ross took over the Armory in Albany NY. Josh was there, mic in hand with our good friend King Dreams! His face also showed up everywhere Rick Ross was...

We roll with BIG stars! Check out Method Man with his limited edition MIRK Grind Tree Shurt!!!

We only had 100 made and there are not many left so check out the Tree Shurts WEBSITE to get your own!

That's all we have for you this week! We will leave you with one last political thought from Chris Russell on Bank of America...and a picture is worth 1000 words...

Until next time...
MIRK signing out

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