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Monday, April 30, 2012

Gourmet Band Names...

Hello MIRKins!

So we had a pretty awesome week! We started off in the studio working on some new material...

On Friday, we traveled to Brooklyn to open up for Travie McCoy at this dope club at SRB.

It was a long day of travel with a lot of traffic, and an awesome sound check, so we went to grab a bite to eat before the show kicked off.  Josh started to show his fatigue...
God, he is so sexy...

The following day, we traveled back to Albany to open of for the master, Rakim!

This weekend, we will be at Red Square on Friday for Friday Night Live.  We have an awesome band from Boston coming to rock the show with us, Greenline Inbound. This will be an awesome show, so please come check us all out!

The following day, we will be at one of our favorite venues, Stout on Broadway.  This will be a whole night of MIRK, starting at 10pm and ending at 2pm!

We hope to see you at these shows and check our website for more shows that have just been added! 

ALSO :: Our guitar player has his OWN BLOG...Mike always has a knack for coming up with amazing and hilarious band names...well now he has his own blog.

Until next time...

MIRK signing out

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