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Monday, September 12, 2011

Local Heroes, and We Don't Mean Subs...

Hello MIRKins!

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. We were in the studio again this weekend working on new, NEW material. Even though our Grind album hasn't been released yet, we are still working on new songs for the following album. You gotta stay fresh! Here is Josh working out a keyboard line...this is his piano face

Steve then decided to interview Mike about the recording process...nothing construction was said...well done!

Also this week, Josh rocked the stage for the Local Legends concert with The City Never Sleeps and Weerd Science.

MIRK was not chosen to play this concert. Apparently we are not Local Legends, but we are Local Heroes on the new Guitar Center Albany website!

This Friday we are playing down at the Crown Royal Plaza for Over The Edge. For those who don't know, this is a benefit for the Special Olympics. You raise money for an amazing cause and can repel down the side of the Hotel. Go HERE for information and come down to the plaza for a good cause and good music.
Here is Josh doing it last year!

The following day (Saturday) we will be at Elda's on Lark St for an After Lark Fest party. If you have ever seen us at Elda's, you know it's a great time and if you have never seen us at Elda's then there is probably something wrong with you and you should come!

That's all we have today, so we hope to see you this weekend!

MIRK signing out

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