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Monday, September 19, 2011

Baby, You're a Firework

Hello MIRKins!

We had an awesome week!

On Tuesday we had an awesome rehearsal, fine tuning our new album for our album release party.

After rehearsal, Kate and Steve ventured to Justin's for Tuesday Night Live. The good rehearsal must have given Steve increased confidence, because he decided to try his hand at being a front man. And he played that one chord that he knows like no other...

On Friday, we played outside on State Street for Over the Edge, an benefit to raise money for the Special Olympics where you can repel off the Crown Royal Hotel.
It was a perfect day, slightly chilly, but still beautiful...

After the show, Kate and Mike went inside to have a beer and possibly play some pool...
Even though they are very apologetic with this sign, it seemed to have ruined Mike's day

The following day, we played at Elda's for an After Lark fest party...we did run into a little problem in getting the whole block and a half from the Armory to Elda's...

However, once we got to Elda's we had an awesome crowd waiting for us!

One fan even decided to take it upon herself to dance with Josh's tie...hmmmmm

Josh always gives his all at every show!

After an amaaaazing show, there were some young gentlemen left dancing to some music while we packed up...I have never seen anyone get as excited for Katy Perry as these guys did....

This week we will be playing at McGeary's on Thursday for a benefit for families effected by the recent flooding.

The following evening, we will be at Red Square for Friday Night Live with some other amazing bands.

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MIRK signing out

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