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Monday, June 11, 2012

Been On MIRK-cation

Hello MIRKins!!

Sorry we haven't talked in a while.  We have been on a slight MIRK-cation...but we are back!! And with some awesome news.

First off...

This Friday, June 15th, will be out LAST LOCAL SHOW OF THE SUMMER! That's right folks...we are taking the rest of the summer for our east coast tour, so Albany is our first stop (of course).  We have a sick line-up.  The show will kick off with The Titanics, then Ill Doots - a hip hop band from Philly, followed by the illest guys in cardigan sweaters Wild Adriatic, and your own MIRK will end the show.  It is at Jillian's on S. Pearl St THIS FRIDAY!

Also at this show, we will be premiering our new single, Marathon!  This is BRAND NEW music...never before played live!  Our boy Robert has already done some sick artwork for this single...

'Marathon' will be available for download on itunes June 15th as well!

Also, for those who have been in the dark, we are playing the Ourstage stage at Vans Warped Tour on Jule 20th in Camden NJ!!!

In some sad news..Andy got attacked by a zombie on bath salts who messed up his knee.  He had to have surgery, but it went very well!

Ok, he really just fell...but it sure looks like a zombie attack!

Josh got a chance to meet his man crush, Action Bronson...I think they make an adorable couple...

We also have gotten some awesome responses to our Pandora station! 

Don't forget to add it to your playlist!

And last but not least, we have our very own MIRK App! Available for iphone and android!  Click HERE to download

Well that's all we have for you this week...we hope to see you this Friday out at Jillian's for the LAST LOCAL MIRK SHOW OF THE SUMMER...I can't stress that enough, but cause you really won't see us locally for another 3 months. We love you all and want to see you there!

Until next time..
MIRK signing out

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