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Monday, June 25, 2012

On the road again...

Hello MIRKins!

So this was a busy week for us! On Tuesday we played a charity event on the Dutch Apple Cruise in Albany NY.  Check out Mike looking all sexy on a boat...

Being on the water gave Mike the urge to sing us a little diddy...

On Saturday, we ventured south to Philly.  Had to stop on the thruway to fill up.  Josh kept his back to the pump so he didn't see the raping our wallet was taking

On the way there, we got tired of the radio, so we played the only CD we had, which was in the CD player...

The venue was sick!  The North Shore Beach Club was this outdoor pool place in the middle of the city.  We all hung out by the pool before we had to perform.

They even had a chair to help Andy into the pool...

We drove back that night, but before we left we had to get some traditional Philly Cheese Steaks. 

On the way back, Steve and Kate were pilot and co-pilot, rocking out to stay awake.

On Sunday, we shot our video for our new single Marathon, which you can download HERE

While waiting for the director to get all set up, we had a little fun with Mike's hair.

Well, that's all we have today.  This Friday we will be in Boston at Tommy Doyle's.

Until next time

MIRK signing out.

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