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Monday, July 18, 2011

It's just another MIRKin Monday (wooooo oooo)

Hello all MIRKin fans!

This was a pretty fun week for us all. First off, there have been some additions to the studio and the offices. Check out the sweet lamp that Josh added to the studio!

This studio is not only sounding professional, it's looking real sharp as well!
Also, our good friend Mr. Moore had added some artwork to the walls. This is guy is ridic!

It's amazing what some people can do with a can of spray paint! The best thing I can do with spray paint is disintegrate Styrofoam with it...it's pretty cool (said in a stoner voice)

Also, a nice addition to the office are these awesome lockers that were used by the Albany Patroons! They are huuuuumongous

We were also invited to guitar center to take some shots to be part of the 'local heroes' section of the new Albany Guitar Center website. We can't go to GC without jamming out of playing with all the toys...

This weekend we have three awesome shows!
1. Saratoga Raceway Friday 6/22 6pm
2. Elda's on Lark Street Friday 6/22 11pm
3. Putnam Den in Saratoga Saturday 6/23 10pm

We will be performing with our good friends The City Never Sleeps at Putnam Den on Saturday. Check out their new song that Josh collaborated on, "All The Effort".
And of course, MerchBot will be there (bleep boop whomp)

Our good friend James also took some sick pictures from our show this last Saturday at Red Square. Check em out HERE.

Josh also visited Camp Bisco with our good friends Tree Shurts and did a little solo set. Check out the UNRELEASED track he spits during THIS video.

That's all we have for you today. Thanks again for checking us out, and thanks to the MetroLand for all the special LOVE.

The name of our new album is GRIND...what kind of things do you GRIND?!?

MIRK signing out!

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