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Monday, July 25, 2011

Married Not Buried

Hello MIRKins!

This was a very busy week to be apart of the MIRK family. First off, Josh and Andy were down in the NYC at Jive Records. Josh has been dubbed the "King of The Kick" and "Mirk the Magician" in the studio. Here they are with Mickey Factz mixing it up.

We played at the Saratoga Race Track on Friday which was opening day at the track. It was hot as alllll hell outside! But Steve got a chance to show off his new drum riser which he built.

We also picked up an 8th member of MIRK.

Later that night we went packed up in Saratoga and headed back to Albany to play another show at Elda's on Lark Street. Elda's is always a good time! Thank you so much to our fans for coming out and supporting us.

The next day we were back up in Saratoga at Putnam Den. We played with our very good friends The City Never Sleeps and DJ Trumaster. Steve thought he could out scratch Tru on his iPhone...

Silly Steve...don't you know that no one beats Tru?!?

The Putnam Den is now an 18+ establishment. They take all percautions necessary (and completely not necessary) to ensure that no underaged fans get their hands on alcohol.

For those who have seen The City Never Sleeps (which should be everyone!) you know they roll with the Merchbot...but he happened to be sick that day, he got a virus.

So our own bass player Kate decided to volunteer her services and transform into The MIRKbot

Our keyboardist Andy helped out the boys with a little keyboarding!

So if you missed this MIRK show, you probably missed one of the best shows in awhile. Mike and Andy were on FIRE with their solos, not to mention the break downs and coreography.

So this weekend we will be rocking the Big Up Music Festival with our good friends Tree Shurts by their stand and van!
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MIRK signing out

PS this is a video we tried uploading awhile ago on the "Fame-ish" post. We call this the Best Damn MIRK Video

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