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Monday, July 11, 2011

Marry Me Hope Solo?!?!

So if you are wondering what the title of this week's post means, our bass player Kate is mildly obsessed with international sporting events, and her queer-o-sexual status makes woman's international sporting events even more thrilling. So if someway, somehow, USA Woman's Soccer goalie Hope Solo sees this post, she just wanted to throw out a little marriage proposal. If she says 'no', then the same proposal goes out to Abby Wambach...

Now back to business...

We did not have any gigs this weekend, but no worries! This was the only weekend we have off for the rest of the summer. Check out the 'upcoming shows' section of our website to find out when and where we will be! We update our shows pretty regularly, so also like us on facebook for events and updates.

This week, we continued to GRIND our way through our album. Here is Steve doing what he does best.

One of our new tracks 'Drummer Some' prompted an air guitar session in the studio. While we all love Josh on the mic, his secret goal is to be a guitar player, Steve would like to slap the bass and I guess Mike's childhood hero was Animal from the Muppets...

This Saturday we will be back at the Red Square on Broadway in Downtown Albany. The last time we were there, an impromptu rap battle broke out right outside the venue.

This time, we will be opening for California based band, Pinot. Check out the details on the Red Square website!

For those who don't know, most of our band really enjoys going green and so do our friends over at Tree Shurts. They were rocking Camp Bisco this weekend. If you haven't heard of them, then... I don't know... you're fucking crazy

This week, our frontman Josh posted this on Facebook
(Sometimes I wish I had the balls to cut my jewfro into a mullet...Lol)

We wondered the same thing...


That's all we have for you today! Check out our facebook and website for more details and upcoming shows. We hope to see you there!
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