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Monday, August 15, 2011

The Mirkins Never Sleep


So this was a fun week! On Tuesday we were scheduled for a video shoot with Mr. Cheeks for our new song, Beautiful Music. Unfortunately, Josh had a family emergency, and the shoot had to be postponed...TO THIS TUESDAY!

Here is the info on it:
"Alright! Let's try this again...VIDEO SHOOT FOR BEAUTIFUL MUSIC feat. MR CHEEKS!!!! We'll be shooting all day around Albany... and ready to take the last shot to Justin's on Lark Street! We'll see you there, free show and crazy time.. come for the video shoot with our homie Mr. Cheeks, and stay and watch us perform! Crazy Tuesday"

On Saturday, we returned to Graney's Stout on Broadway in Albany. Steve was unable to play with us because he was enjoying some Georgia peaches, so our good friend Kurt from The City Never Sleeps helped us out.

The rest of the guys from TCNS helped us out too by starting the show off with a kick ass set!

And because Steve wasn't there, it gave Josh and Kate their moments to shine on the kit. Check them out in these videos!

Also at this show, two new terms were coined....

Plirking (v): the act of lying face down atop an object, landmark, animal or other person related to or close to the band MIRK, then stiffening one's form so that one's arms are firmly held by one's side and toes are pointed; taking on the physical characteristics of a plank.

MIRK-aholic (n): a label given to an individual whom enjoys the music of MIRK and being in the presence of MIRK so much, they rather be there than receive a blowjob...

This week we will be returning to the Saratoga track to play outside by the Shake Shack on Friday, August 19th. Come lose some money, get drunk, and dance!

The following day, we will return to Elda's on Lark Street! Show kicks off around 10:30 and at midnight, it will be Kate's birthday! This week she had her car broken into and $2600 worth of items stolen from her, one of the items being her trumpet. So please come support MIRK and buy Kate a strong drink!

That's all we have for you this week. Please come out Tuesday to the video shoot at Justin's, Friday to the track, at Saturday to Elda's. You will then be a MIRK-aholic and it gives you three chances to Plirk.

MIRK signing out

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