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Monday, August 22, 2011

We were sent here to get it in...

Hello MIRKins!

So this was a crazy week! We started it off right on Tuesday by shooting a music video for "Beautiful Music." This is a new track off our new album, Grind, featuring Mr. Cheeks from The Lost Boys! Shoot out to our amazing director Michael Dispenza!

We started the shoot at The Armory in our rehearsal space...

We then headed over to John Keal Music Store. In the basement they have this really cool music grave, where old instruments go to die. Josh was spittin' some of his verses buried in some dead instruments. Kate and Mike had better ideas of how to rap it off camera...


A break was needed, so we headed over to Justin's for a bite to eat before our show there. Chris became inspired by his meatloaf and mac and cheese to take over as the leader of the band.

While we were waiting for Cheeks to arrive at Justin's, our good friend Pat Murray was rocking the acoustic guitar and warming up a crowd. He needed a pee/beer break, so Kate decided to continue the entertainment with her version of Natalie Imbruglia's Torn...

Once cheeks got there and we kicked the show off and the crowd went crazy. We did a couple of takes of 'Beautiful Music' and then rocked the show with a full set.

For followers of the blog, you are aware of what Plirking is. One of our super fans, Lindsay, is constantly challenging herself with her plirking abilities...

Now that's impressive!

After the show, we went to Hudson Harbor for a sick restaurant/fireplace scene with Mr. Cheeks...


It is very difficult to keep your sanity when you are shooting late into the night. Mike lost it real early...


We finished up a very long day/night of shooting at the Armory and called it a wrap!

On Friday, we returned to the track in Saratoga. Last time we were here, the super crazies came out of the woods to dance with us. This week, we got a brand new crazy fan.

The best part was his freesytle rap during Breakfast (video unavailable). We will be returning to the track this Saturday, August 27th for Travers. Come see us and whatever crazies decide to party with us.

On Saturday we played at one of our favorite venues, Elda's on Lark. It was Kate's bday at midnight so she got a special plirking present

We also have a new term to add to the MIRKtionary...

Mirkgin (n) a person whom has never seen MIRK live, a person who clearly lives under a rock, a person with their MIRK cherry still intact

Where were you when you lost your MIRKginity?

So our new album GRIND is finally finished! We will be announcing the release date and party very soon.
We settled on the name Grind for the album because it is very fitting. We had tossed around the title "From 19 to Cougar" because all ladies love us from age 19 to cougar. We have now decided to expand our demographic to the much younger crowd, and we think it is working...


We will be playing at McGeary's on Friday night. Come to an awesome bar for a patio party and show!

That's all we have for this week. Again, remember to comment and 'like' us on facebook.

MIRK signing out

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