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Monday, August 1, 2011

Is That A Hula Hoop In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Excited To See MIRK?

Hello MIRKins!!

This week was..interesting to say the least.
The album is officially MIXED! (boom)...The final step of finishing the album is getting it mastered!

Will it be done soon? It might take a little bit of divine intervention...Mike is on it.

Our boy Robert is currently working on the art work which is baaaangin!

This weekend was The Big Up music festival in Ghent NY. We decided to play a little gorilla set under the dome by the Tree Shurts and Grassroots merch tables.

The Tree Shurts staff decided to give their Winnebaker a bit of a makeover..

Mike is not a fan of the hipster hippies...we didn't even unpack the van yet, and Mike was over the scene...

When he got his Some Girls Get High t-shirt, he seemed to wake up (does this pose look familiar?)

Mike wasn't the only one who realized we weren't in Albany anymore...Tara was a little reluctant to share her opinion, but the gong vibration tent, seemed to set her off (the video starts out sideways, then Mike realizes it so hang in there)

Mike and Steve decided to try it out


Chris Russell seemed to be all about the scene. It brought out his dancing shoes.

Speaking of shoes, what about Russell's socks? (also starts out sideways then gets fixed...fucking fix your shit Mike)

This scene was also a good opportunity for our good friend Pat Murray to break out HIS hipster shoes. How comfortable are they? "On a scale of 1-10, they are sex"

On the way to the festival, we passed an antique store that we thought was called "Period Pickers" which provided an entire car ride worth of funny material. We were very disappointed to find out it was "Period Picks" on our way home, but that didn't stop us from cracking jokes.

Also on the way home, Mike started to feel sick. We pulled over for him to purge himself of his disgust for hippies. Of all the places for us to pull over, this is where we did and what we ran into...

Josh is going all out fixing up the studio. We have seen the new paint job, the vocal booth window, and now he is building his own desk. Check out the progress he is making...

This weekend we will be at the Many Of One music festival in Saratoga at Lee Park. Check out the website for more info! We play on Saturday!

That's all we got for you MIRKins...
Thanks for tuning in and don't forget to comment and share!

MIRK signing out

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